Risk Management

Don’t expose your business to litigation or prosecution by not giving safety the attention it deserves.

At Viatec, we don’t take short-cuts so we don’t compromise on our safety or that of our partners or public. We mitigate risk through our stringent risk assessment planning procedures and on site traffic and safety management.

When it comes to the law, government regulations can change frequently so it’s important to trust those who are in the know about complex safety legislative requirements.

With a focus of continuous improvement our team is regularly updated on safety standards and policy changes. Our approach is consultative and we conduct monthly ‘toolbox meetings’ to inform staff of OH&S changes, training needs, legislative amendments, client development, and encourage employee health and well-being discussion as part of our own internal quality and risk management procedures.

Our recruitment strategy to employ staff with a safety-conscious attitude is deliberate and 100% of employees hold traffic management and OH&S certifications. Our staff also obtain a minimum First Aid Level 2 qualification.

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